Hi, I'm Rory.

Holistically speaking I'm many things, a devout hip-hop head, frequent doodler/illustrator and avid paddle-boarder among them.

Professionally speaking I'm an experienced and versatile Toronto based Art Director & Designer. In my years of professional experience I've worked with agency and in-house teams alike to help create meaningful visual solutions which have taken many forms.

From summoning my illustration skills to design custom logos or to hand render various elements of a giant outdoor mural; to employing my core skills in art direction and design to craft high impact advertising and brand communication materials for various clients; to expanding my skill set into UX Design to further explore creative possibilities within the digital space, there's a certain curiosity and tenacity that comes along with my overall approach to things.

Next to my craft, it's collaborating with others that I enjoy most about what I do. If you'd like to collaborate, please drop me a line over on my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by:)

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